SUMO bezel insert & Sports 150

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SUMO bezel insert & Sports 150

Post by stupops » Thu Dec 09, 2021 1:00 pm

Hi all.
Looking for a bit of advice if I may.
Have an original Sumo which I swapped the original bezel insert for a ceramic lumed one. It was fine (and expensice) until the lume started to fall out after about 12 months. Emailed the company and they said there is no warranty. Looked really shabby and the only replacement I could find was a chap knock off from chines. The lume pip fell out of this after about 6 months.
Now I need a new one. They are likes hens teeth. Does anyone know what size I can fit - or does it have to be a Sumo. I am struggling with sizes and where to measure. Any helps greatly appreciated.

Next is my old sports 150 that I dug out of a drawer. The day date doesnt work and the crown wont screw in. Apart from that it keeps great time. I have been quoted well over £100 to take a look and possibly fix. The chap is genuine and seems really nice and knows his stuff so I am not concerned about his prices etc. Was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on whether they thought if it would be worth restoring?!AgDhrCWIJb59jq9p4q2 ... Q?e=F6RBIT
Thanks in advance.

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