AI: Friend or Foe?

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AI: Friend or Foe?

Post by AtomicTom » Sat Apr 15, 2023 10:45 am

I know you guys have probably been hearing a lot about AI Technology as of late.
All of the warnings about turning over too much control to it and everything. Along
with all of the possible repercussions like the loss of jobs, more surveillance on people,
as well as invasion of privacy. As well as things like facial recognition, and deep fake
technology. Plus various algorithms that can become biased in different ways and cause
people as well as society to think. Or believe all kinds of things. Not to mention the
worries of AI controlled weapons in the future. Where will it all lead to?

There is so much about it I don't understand, and it's really only beginning. But what
do you think about AI? What will it be like? Will it help people? Or end up being a real
problem for all of us?

You end up thinking about the futures that were in Terminator and Minority Report right?
But should we be worried? ..What do you have to say?

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Re: AI: Friend or Foe?

Post by smellody » Tue May 02, 2023 7:18 pm

I don't trust any of it. Foe. And I will not let it make driving decisions.

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Re: AI: Friend or Foe?

Post by dnslater » Wed May 03, 2023 4:37 am

I feel like it is all coming faster than we expected.


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Re: AI: Friend or Foe?

Post by 59yukon01 » Wed May 03, 2023 4:55 am

I have no use for it in any form. We as a species have become fat, lazy, and more stupid, especially here in America.

With the customers I work with daily I feel a toaster is already smarter.Image

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