some changes to the forum


some changes to the forum

Post by yamahaki » Thu Mar 31, 2011 6:52 am

i bought the forum back from derek. there will be some changes as this is a watch forum. we will discuss watches. i am closing the rumble room. we are here to discuss watches not bash other forums or people. no homosexual or lesbian jokes and halfnaked pictures will not be tolerated. first time it gets deleted second time you get a vacation. this isnt a drunk fraternity forum or chicks with sticks forum.also some of the moderators will not be moderators any more. we will self moderate but i have the final say. period.

also the sales forum will change. the rules here are simple and posted. any watch or other item that gets posted has pictures of there watch and a price. no exceptions. deal with it. another one of those rules says no discussions here on a sales forum. you all know these rules already. even though this is a new forum, rules do apply. Don't pm me when your post gets deleted. apparently you forgot to read the rules.
A rule for the trading forum. You need to post its trade value. This isn't a place to take bids. That overrides the sales rules, so please, give a sell and a trade value. If not, then I'll delete the thread.

need to be more clear. photos must be in the ad. no putting in links to off site image hosters. members here need to see the watch here, not on your own hoster. period.

You must have a price,current photos,a real condition rating,photos of any marks or scratches,a payment method like paypal,money order,etc.No wire transfers here. You must also specify your shipping method.

this is going to be a watch forum for discussing watches. i havent decided what the new name will be but it wont be dwc.also y3 is gone. this will be a completely new concept for a watch forum.

welcome to the new forum-yamahaki


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