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Watch services update

Post by toxicavenger » Sun Feb 23, 2020 1:18 pm

1) We are currently backed up with repairs for 90 days of full-time work. I will not be accepting any new work until we catch up. I will not follow the path of others in constantly being behind. I do not believe it is fair to the owners of the watches.

2) All repairs regardless of size will go to the back of the line. I constantly get asked for super basic repairs to be moved forward due to how small they are. It is not fair for others to wait longer to appease them. I usually try to refer those repairs to people I know who can do a quicker turnaround.

3) Late payment on invoices. This has turned into a huge issue the last 6 months. For every invoice that is 30 days old I will charge a $25 surcharge for every month it is over due. After 4 months I will put a mechanics lien on the watch. No excuses.

4) Parts. We are doing a huge amount of vintage watches. Parts are next to impossible to find for some of them. I will be turning away work on watches that I think will take way to much time to locate the required parts. The reason for this is I do not get paid for all the hours I spend searching for obscure parts that some watch shop is hording. I also believe keeping a watch for 9 months in the hopes of repairing it one day it a cluster fock waiting to happen.

5) Certain manufacturers are making parts next to impossible to buy from them. I will continue to do my best to get parts if I am able to. I reserve the right to throw in the towel at anytime when I have to beg for parts.

6) I will do my best to take of any service to the best of my ability. If at anytime you believe I am screwing up or did not treat you fairly then please let me know. I am human like all of us and sometimes I get overwhelmed.


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