SRP731K1: Quick and dirty review

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SRP731K1: Quick and dirty review

Post by sierra11b » Sat Jul 22, 2017 1:30 pm

Got it from Joma yesterday. Was a bit apprehensive I'd be another Jomashop horror story as the PayPal transaction was in a holding pattern for a little over a week, but after a quick email and quicker response, realized it was on order. Four days later it's here.

OG thread on the deal:

So here are the YMMV pros and cons of the watch:

-It's large at 44m but the lugs are a bit stout and still works great on my 6.5" wrist

-The "SEIKO and 5" are applied and look great as they have that hi quality look... The "sports" print below the 5 badge is a puffy raised applied-paint look to it which is also nice. The "automatic 24 jewels 100M" lines are flat applied in white and are so light that they get lost in the dial.

-The dial: It's as close to the 116613LB (regretfully flipped :banghead: ) that I've seen although a shade darker here... It's deep, it's robust, and it shines beautifully in the light. I wish they SARB017 was as robust as this and closer to the LV, but I flipped that too because the the dial was a more muted olive than I'd have liked.

-The date window appears to be applied, but given its matte appearance, is hard to tell for sure.

-Typical Seiko lume for this MSRP $375 price point... Better or as good as most <$1-1.2k non-Seiko watches.

-Day window is English and Arabic but whatever.

-It's a non-screw down crown, but you can wind it without pulling the crown which is nice. It's rated to 100m still but ???

-4R36 under the hood with exhibition case back. Date is '17 as it was a new batch.

-The bezel is sharp and deep in terms of coloring on the aluminum. Solid.

-Buttery smooth 120click bezel but of course and as expected, it's a click off in terms of alignment :rolleyes:

-Chapter ring is SS... the minute indices are on the dial so no off-center chapter ring here.

-Full rolex-style brushed oyster. Clasp is your typical </=Sumo clasp with 4 micro adjust holes. I DO NOT KNOW if this is the PITA double-bushing style bracelet, or simpler single bushing yet, as it's a gift to a friend with the means to adjust himself, but I want one! :cheers:

So that's all I have. I'll let the pictures do the rest. Given this watch is spoken for by my friend I'm keen on picking one up in due time for sure.





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Re: SRP731K1: Quick and dirty review

Post by Panerai7 » Sat Jul 22, 2017 2:49 pm

I like it, Seiko makes a lot of cool watches under the radar

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