A Guide to All of MeisterSinger

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A Guide to All of MeisterSinger

Post by TimelessLuxWatches » Sat Jun 08, 2019 1:11 am

A Guide to All of MeisterSinger

MeisterSinger is a German watch brand that is known for one thing above all else: its obsession with using a single hand to tell time, a design decision that is embodied in nearly every watch they make. Join us as we go through every single collection and model that MeisterSinger currently makes, and remember that you can click on any of the links below to see all of the individual watches in the collection, including prices.


Circularis is the contemporary heart of MeisterSinger. It combines the extreme minimalism that is synonymous with MeisterSinger with unique movements and a variety of sunburst dials.



The Circularis collection begins with, fittingly enough, the Circularis models. These feature MeisterSinger’s MSH01 in-house hand-wound movement, which, in addition to being quite beautiful, has a very impressive 120 hour power reserve. Each are 43mm, and they’re the only Circularis models with no complications, so if you want the most minimalist Circularis watch possible, this is it.

Circularis Automatic


The Circularis Automatic collection, it may surprise you to learn, is similar to Circularis but automatic. They still feature in-house movements, though, this time the MSA01, and all feature a subtle 6:00 date complication, making for one of the most practical daily drivers that MeisterSinger makes. Like their no-date brethren, these are good for 120 hours of power reserve, but they are about a millimeter thicker to make room for the rotor.

Circularis Power Reserve


Finally, we take a look at the Circularis Power Reserve, one of the most complex watches MeisterSinger makes. It combines a date at 3:00 with a power reserve at 9:00, showing off that amazing 120 hour power reserve. Like the other Circularises, it has an in-house movement, this time the MSH02, but because it’s hand-wound, it’s 12.5mm thick, the same as the no-date Circularis and a millimeter thinner than the Circularis Automatic. I’m especially fond of the CCP301, one of my favorite MeisterSingers in general.


The classic line, as you might suspect, holds MeisterSinger’s dressiest watches. All have elegantly simple dials, and most lack even a date complication, so the Classic line is your go-to for elegance.



The Vintago line takes its cues from the watches of the 1960s, featuring four desaturated matte dials that will certainly fly under the radar for any formal event. It’s one of the only Classic models with a date complication, and it does so with a relatively unusual expanded window. The 38mm size is right too, as well as its 10.15mm thickness. All feature the SW200-1 automatic. I favor the blue VT908, myself.

Pangaea Date


The Pangaea Date is one of the few other models in the Classic line with a date. These are slightly larger than the Vintagos, at 40mm, and a bit thicker as well (but not too thick) at 11.25mm. Their dials are somewhat more vibrant (and one much more vibrant, the PMD908), thanks to a slight sunburst quality.



The Pangaea is also available without a date, of course. They’re still 40mm, but are even thinner at 10.1mm, thanks to the 2892-A2 (or SW300-1), a very thin automatic movement.



The No.01 is one of the most austere models in the entire collection. Despite its understated looks, it’s also one of the larger models at 43mm. It’s still reasonably thin at 11.5mm, and that’s probably due to the fact that all of these No.01s are hand-wound. Note how the number includes the “0,” not unlike the ordinarily single-digit numbers

No.01 – 40 mm


If you like the No.01 but wish it were a little smaller, there’s the aptly-named No.01 – 40 mm. I actually like the blue dial (DM317) in this collection more than in the original No.01.



If, conversely, you liked the No.01 but wished it used a Unitas movement instead of an SW 210, there’s the No.02. It’s also 43mm in diameter but a little thicker at 12.6mm. Unlike Numbers 01 and 03, you can only get the 02 in 43mm, owing, no doubt, to the large movement.



The No.03 adds an automatic movement to the collection, but keeps the size (43mm) and even the thickness (11.5mm) under control.

No.03 – 40 mm


Last for the Classics collection, we look at the No.03 – 40 mm, which is basically another version of the automatic No.03 at a smaller, more versatile 40mm size. It’s a little more than just that, however, since it also has a date, making for a very everyday friendly model.


Classic Plus is, well, the Classic line plus an additional cool complication. These are the most exotic-looking MeisterSingers of all, not always because they have strange complications, but rather they have interesting ways of implementing them, given the brand’s famous dislike of hands. The lone exception to this is the relatively simple, yet sporty, Metris.



And that’s precisely where we’ll start. The tag line for Metris is “a single-hand watch like your favorite jeans,” a quote that I suppose references the denim-like straps they come with. Regardless, I think the 38mm angular cases on these watches are really cool, and the Metris has become probably my favorite MeisterSinger sports watch, particularly the silver-dialed ME901. Each is powered by a 2824-2 automatic movement.



The Lunascopes (there are only two of them at the moment) are quite beautiful, with an absurdly over-sized moon phase complication. On a more practical level, they also both feature a date at 6:00 and are automatic. Despite the enormous moon phase disk, the size is quite reasonable at 40mm.



The Perigraph line is very cool, and as you can see, the real distinguishing feature of this 43mm watch is the rotating date ring inside. It gives the dial a lot more depth and character and creates a unique look. I particularly like the AM10070R.

Pangaea Day Date


If you thought the Perigraph was cool, check out the Pangaea Day Date, which adds a day ring to the mix, making for a truly interesting implementation of the classic day-date complication. Surprisingly, these are a bit smaller and thinner than the Perigraph, at 40mm and just 10.5mm thick. I’m quite fond of the PDD901, which reminds me a lot of the Weltzeit, one of my favorite Nomoses.



Adhaesio still uses two rotating rings on the dial, but while one is used for the date, the other is used for a second time zone. In fact, MeisterSinger claims that this was the first single-hand watch with a second time zone ever made. Both are 43mm and use automatic movements.

Salthora Meta


The Salthora Meta (and other Salthoras, to be discussed later) are among the most interesting MeisterSingers of all. These are relatively sporty models, with a 43mm size to match, but what makes them so interesting is their MeisterSinger module that adds a jumping hour complication. The number you’re seeing above is not a date, but rather, the hour, so while it remains faithfully one-handed, you have a more conventional minutes hand than in most MeisterSingers. Personally, I really like the SAM907, the black model with red accents.

Salthora Meta Transparent


The Salthora Meta Transparent is like the Salthora Meta, but with the center of the dial removed. With this version you can see the jumping hour complication in action. Otherwise, it’s basically the same as the other Salthora Meta models with its 43mm case.

Salthora Meta X


Next we look at MeisterSinger’s only dive watch, the Salthora Meta X. Like the other Salthoras, it has a jumping hour complication, but it adds a unidirectional bezel and has four times the water resistance. I’m rather fond of the black and red SAMX902 and the blue SAMX908 myself.



Lastly, we look at the Singulator, MeisterSinger’s regulator models. MeisterSinger is very much a natural fit for a regulator style watch, a design that separates minute, hour and seconds hands from one another. Both of these are 43mm watches and have hand-winding movements based on the Unitas 6498-1.

Form and Style

The Form and Style collection tends to have the most affordable MeisterSingers, and also the most casual.



The Urban collection claims that it’s the “ideal companion for urban lifestyles.” Well, not being from the big city myself, I suppose I can’t opine on that, but these are nice 40mm casual pieces with a touch of industrial design about them. These are also one of the only watches from MeisterSinger that feature Miyota (Citizen’s movement division) movements. I particularly like the UR902.

Urban Day Date


The Urban Day Date, obviously, adds a day-date complication to the Urban’s design, but the aesthetic impact is significant. That’s because the complication is very high-contrast, particularly on the URDD902 and URDD908 models. Like the Urban, it’s 40mm and powered by a Miyota movement.



The Phanero line is designed for smaller wrists, which is why each is 35mm. Several of the models also feature mother of pearl dials, a rare feature in MeisterSinger’s lineup. They’re all powered by SW-210 hand-wound movements, which helps them remain super thin at 7.5mm.



The Neo line takes its design cues from the watches of the ’50s, and thus they tend to be quite understated. The size is appropriate for the era as well, at 36mm it’s only slightly larger than a Phanero. Unlike the Phanero, however, the Neo has an automatic movement.

Neo Plus


The Neo Plus is basically a larger Neo, now 40mm. They don’t get any thicker, however, both models being 9.7mm.

Neo Q


Finally, we reach the Neo Q. The Q stands for quartz, and all five models are powered by ETA quartz movements. Each are modestly sized at 36mm, and quite thin at 9mm. I particularly like the bold white NQ901N.

Cross Line

The Cross Line is the family of watches that uses different colors and materials for their cases.

Black Line


The Black Line, like the Bronze Line, is something of a greatest hits collection of contemporary MeisterSinger watches, remastered in black-coated cases. It includes pieces from Circularis, No.03, Perigraph, Salthora Meta, and Metris.

Bronze Line


It’s a similar story with the Bronze Line, although their bronze appearance is a result of bronze cases rather than a coating. The collection is considerably smaller too, including models from the Metris, No.03, and Perigraph models exclusively, at least so far. The blue complements the bronze cases perfectly.

Click here if you want to see every MeisterSinger model on our website!

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Re: A Guide to All of MeisterSinger

Post by rockmastermike » Sat Jun 08, 2019 4:04 am

Comprehensive - I had no idea of about 1/2 of these
Thanks for putting it together

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Re: A Guide to All of MeisterSinger

Post by JP Chestnut » Sat Jun 08, 2019 6:29 am

Oof, those “vintigo” or whatever ones...

Some of them look nice though. Like a NOMOS without dumb lugs.

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Re: A Guide to All of MeisterSinger

Post by jimyritz » Sat Jun 08, 2019 6:45 am

I didn't realize they made that many watches.

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Re: A Guide to All of MeisterSinger

Post by pbj204 » Sat Jun 08, 2019 7:23 am


I am interested in a one hand watch, but unfortunately MeisterSinger just doesn't have anything that I'm drawn to. I wish they made something like the Schauer.
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Re: A Guide to All of MeisterSinger

Post by matt.wu » Sat Jun 08, 2019 9:49 am

The guide that no one asked for....


Still, well composed! Thanks for sharing! :cheers:

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Re: A Guide to All of MeisterSinger

Post by Seppia » Sat Jun 08, 2019 10:36 am

I really like the Neo.
Would probably buy one if available cheaper in quartz.
The neo q dial doesn't look as good imo

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